A Surf Style Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays can be stressful, and unfortunately not all of us can be an A+ gift giver. But nonetheless we want to be able to provide our closest of friends and family a gift that expresses how much they really mean to us. So if you’re known to be, what some might say, a meh gift giver, then have no fear. Here at Surf Style we’ve put together a holiday gift guide that will make shopping for the special people in your life a breeze this year.

We all have that family member or friend that is impossible to shop for. The following list will provide you with Surf Style gifts that work for the whole family:

  1. For the adventurer in your life: The Lifeguard Hat

                                                          Person pulling a Surf Style Lifeguard hat over face. The hat is made of tan straw with adjustable strings. A black and white patch with the Surf Style logo is adhered to the front of the hat.

    The lifeguard hat is one of our most functional items. This hate will protect someone’s face in even the harshest conditions. If you have someone in your life that is looking to beat the heat, protect their face from UV damage, but also has an uncontrollable wanderlust, this is a more than practical gift.
  2. The Festival Goer: The Neon Windbreaker

                                      Group of five people standing together wearing colorful Surf Style Neon Windbreakers with Surf Style interplanetary body gear printed across the chest.

    This is for that person who loves to stand out and be free. It’s no secret our windbreakers demand attention, but our neon windbreakers steal the show. In a world where everyone needs to blend in, this is the gift for those who aren’t afraid to stand out.
  3. For the Sporty Spice in Your Life: The ’89 Performance Shirt

                                                      Man in a pink flamingo inner tube wearing a black Surf Style '89 Performance Shirt. Surf Style is printed down the right sleeve in white.

    For that especially active person in your life, look no further than one of our ’89 Performance Shirts. Our performance line of shirts is made with a lightweight, breathable fabric to ensure nothing will weigh you down. This garment is available in multiple colors and features our ’89 square logo, making it one of our most unique, but functional, items. 
  4. For Your EXTRA Picky Friend: Surf Style Gift Cards of course!
                                                     Three Surf Style gift-cards spread out on a white surface. The giftcards have a beach scene with a white Surf Style logo over top.

    Though a gift card might not be the most heartfelt gift, when it comes to our pickiest of friends, this’ll do just fine. And hey, at least this way you won’t have to include a return form. To purchase a Surf Style gift card, email customerservice@surfstyle.com.
  5. The Beach Bum: The Baja Hoodie

                                      Man and woman looking through stationary binoculars at the beach each wearing a white Surf Style Baja Hoodie

    For that someone in your life who loves to kick back by the ocean breeze, our baja hoodie is a no brainer. This charming garment has been one of our bestsellers for a while now, and people just can’t get enough of it! Its woven material provides a sturdy and earthy feel to the garment without ever being overbearing, and is surprisingly soft. Without a doubt, our baja hoodie is a seamless selection for someone who loves to be one with the waves.
  6. For the Person Who Has Everything: Wave Tee

                 Woman sitting in a beach chair with her feet propped up wearing sunglasses and pink Surf Style Wave Tee with a palm sized white Surf Style logo of the left side of the chest. Woman standing on balcony overlooking the beach wearing a mint green Surf Style Wave Tee with a palm sized white Surf Style logo of the left side of the chest. 

    For the person who has everything, one thing you could never have enough of is closet staples. A simple tee, such as our Wave Tee, is something every wardrobe needs. With our heather tri-blend material these tees are soft and lightweight, making them perfect for just about anything and anyone. 
  7. For the “Practical” Gift Giver in Your Life: Retro Pullover Hoodie

                                                Woman holding skate board on shoulder wearing a black Surf Style Retro Pullover Hoodie against a blue background. The hood has Surf Style printed along the seam and Surf Style Interplanetary printed in white across the chest. 

    The reason why we think our pullover hoodie should be considered a practical gift is because, hoodies are reliable. There are countless occasions in which you can sport your trusty surf style pullover. Whether you’re wearing it to school, to run errands on an especially chilly day, cozying up to a movie and Chinese food after work, or just lounging around, this super soft pullover will be there no matter what. 
  8. The Fashionista: The Purple Windbreaker

                                                 Man wearing sunglasses and a purple Surf Style Windbreaker with Surf Style printed across the chest in rainbow gradient 

    We all have a friend or family member whose outfits are always a little more elevated, and a little more daring. Our purple windbreaker is perfect for that someone with a complex and eclectic wardrobe. This retro purple windbreaker has made waves over the years, and has been seen all over social media since the rise of the fashion blogger. If you’ve been searching for an ideal gift for someone who is all about the trends, you’ve found it. And hey, they might even recognize it! 
  9. For the Person Who is Up For Anything: Flowrider Gift Certificates

                                             Surf Style Flowrider 

    Calling all thrill seekers! Do you and/or a loved one live in central Florida? In the city of Clearwater Beach Florida resides an extra special Surf Style location. What makes it so special you might ask? This particular location includes an indoor Flowrider and skate shop! You can book an appointment online and even purchase a gift certificate for a friend. The best gift you can give someone is an experience they’ll never forget, especially one as exciting as our Flowrider.