How To Keep Up With Surfboard Maintenance

Here at Surf Style we pride ourselves on being able to provide all of our customers with top of the line beach gear, and when it comes to surfboards, we want to make sure yours stick around for as long as possible. And what better way to serve our beach-loving community than giving you the best tips and tricks out there to make sure your board is always at its best.

  1. Invest in a surfboard bag!
    Though it is common to see surfers drive with their surfboards exposed, strapped to the top of their car, it is not the best example for long term board use. Most of the damage done to a surfboard (dents, dings, scratches, etc.) is done outside the water.
  2. Proper transportation.
    Adding a rack to the top of your car can make a huge difference in the surfing experience! Most people just think about getting to the beach and right into the water, but for most people the car ride is half the trip. You don’t want your surfboard hanging out the side of your vehicle because there’s always a chance another driver might swipe it, damaging the board permanently. Another quick tip: consider adding extra padding to the surf board rack to make it softer, and try not to strap it down too tightly to avoid dents!
  3. Rinse off your board.
    I know what you’re thinking ‘salt water can’t possibly be that bad for a surf board right?’ well actually, contrary to popular belief, salt can do serious damage to your board in the long run and reduce its lifespan. We all know a good surfboard can be expensive, so we have to do as much as possible to get our money’s worth. Try rinsing your board off with fresh water once you’re out of the ocean, this will ensure your board will last a good while longer.
  4. You might be cool, but your surfboard should be cooler.
    Temperature plays a big factor when it comes to your surfboard's upkeep. Too much sunlight and ruthless temperatures can dry out the enamel of your surf board, eventually causing it to crack and allowing water to seep through. This would eventually lead to a less sturdy board and discoloration, and no one wants that.
  5. Hang it horizontally!
    Many people make the mistake of thinking that once they return home from surfing they can leave their surfboard standing upright. This is an accident waiting to happen. Your surfboard is your baby and it’s time to baby-proof the house! It’s best to invest in a surfboard rack (in some cases just some L-brackets on the wall will do the trick) that allow you to hang the surfboard horizontally with the fins facing outward. In this case, there’s nothing wrong with being a protective parent.
  6. Repair, Repair, Repair…
    It’s highly likely that your surf board will be subject to a few dings here and there, but that doesn’t mean first aid should be put on the back-burner. Even minor dings can lead to serious long term damage, so no procrastinating!

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