Making Waves At The Clearwater Beach Chalk Walk

It goes without saying Surf Style made quite the appearance at this year’s annual Chalk Walk in Clearwater Beach Florida. This can be credited to Surf Style sponsored artist Marlon Yanes, who created a 14 by 12 foot chalk mural in front of our Clearwater Beach FL superstore. The mural depicted a family of dolphins, featuring our very own Surf Style retro logo.

This was our third year participating in the Clearwater Beach FL chalk walk. The Clearwater beach chalk walk is an annual event that brings locals and tourists together to enjoy a day of creativity, and family fun along the beach.


 “I wanted it to be something similar to what the building has in the front. I noticed that from the beach that is visible, and iconic, so I wanted something guest could identify as being from Surf Style, also, kids love dolphins” says muralist Marlon Yanes.

“After walking on Saturday I found out that one of the dolphins at the aquarium has a prosthetic fin. I knew I had to make one of them have it as well.”

The mural took over 20 hours to complete over the course of 3 days. For locals as well as tourists, this mural is an outstanding representation of both Surf Style as a brand, and the wonderful city of Clearwater Beach and everything it has to offer.