Remember the Time: Why We Still Love the 90’s

There is no warmer blanket than the one knitted with “nostalgia.” As an antidote to our obsessions about the future, we soothe our souls with mental journeys through the past; reliving a more innocent age, a successful outcome, a previous accomplishment, or a time that created within us, a sense of belonging. Memories of younger days; when our scrunchies secured a fierce side-pony, our walkman’s pumped punkier, funkier jams, and our outerwear protected us from the elements with eye-catching flair helps us to recall our roots with joy and whist; priming us to approach our next challenge with positivity and a sense of self. As we turn to nostalgic trips for present consolation, we perpetuate a widespread adoration of yester-year, made obvious by our demand for pop-culture comebacks, retro wears, and weekly blasts from the past on our social media accounts.

Breakin’ Out

In recent years, we’ve noticed a spike in demand for our original and most popular item: the Surf Style Interplanetary Windbreaker, due to an infusion of retro fashion appreciation and the growing popularity of athleisure. Though we don’t need any convincing as to why our irresistibly iridescent windbreakers are being sported by trendsetters, models and movie characters, it inspired an anthropological dig through the decade for a deeper understanding about why we are longing for 90’s looks. (Model @alenablohm by @shotbybryce)

 Woman laying on bed wearing a purple Surf Style windbreaker

Lookin’ Fly

Fueled by our affection for throwbacks and the cyclical 20-25 year pattern of fashion trends, 90’s fashion and entertainment seems to be cropping up everywhere. From the the high-fashion look-books of Balmain, who’s fall 2018 runway show was defined by bold brights and iridescence, Jeremy Scott’s grungy spring 2018 collection, Tommy Hilfiger’s collaboration with Gigi Hadid that introduced their spin on the cropped tee/high-waisted pant duo, color-blocked visuals, and All-American athletic wear, propelling the 90’s-standard logo back into department stores and trend hubs, to the latest Calvin Klein ad featuring the Kardashian/Jenner sisters who’ve inspired many to flash their CK skivvies a la Kate Moss, circa 1993, for the popular instagram #MYCALVINS, we’re surrounded by 90’s fashion flashbacks and high-power influences.

Chillin’ Out, Maxin’ with Entertainment of the 90’s

This year alone, we’ve been graced with revivals of Roseanne, Will and Grace, and the promise of a Jagged Little Pill musical currently in creation. These are among an always present loyalty to re-runs of sitcoms from the era such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Seinfeld, Friends, and an affection for the pop music of the decade that still scores our long drives and workouts. What IS a trip to the beach without “Summer Girls,” Sheryl Crow, and Sublime, or a girls’ night without TLC, Destiny’s Child, and Britney? 

Crazy Sexy Cool

The ladies who’s anthems played through our boom-boxes not only shaped the sounds, but the looks of the decade as well. In an interview for ELLE magazine, Keke Palmer expressed her love of the “sporty-glam,” fashion of the 90’s. She shared her admiration of, “comfortable, custom-made ‘Tom-Girl’ looks, that pop diva-bands such as Destiny’s Child, TLC and the Spice Girls donned, paired with glam accessories.”

The trend stemmed from a desire to express individuality in a practical way— one that could enable artists to execute choreography and perform comfortably. In an article on Billboard, Thomas of TLC shared,

“For our first album, we were our own dressers. We came up with all of the ideas when it came to dressing. There’s no way in the world we could do the dances that we did in high heels and tight dresses—it would just be a total accident [waiting to happen].”Their “street-style” trend trickled in to the wardrobes of teens in the the form of boxy silhouettes and oversized outerwear.

The practicality of 90’s fashion is an attribute we look back upon fondly. Matching high praise with high waistlines, the comfortable nature of 90’s fashion, including “ripped jeans, bike shorts, windbreakers, bandannas, and combat boots”is described on Mic as one of the 13 reasons why the 90’s were “the best decade ever.” 

Three women standing together dressed in 90's fashion

You Know It

Today’s most apparent love note to the 90’s, the release of Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s, Finesse (Remix) Ft. Cardi B music video and subsequent 2018 Grammy Awards performance, was created as a tribute to the R&B/pop music stars and looks of the decade. The references are rich. Bruno Mars is quoted on Billboard describing the video as, “an homage to the 90’s television staple, In Living Color.” It’s signature troupe of “Fly Girls,” who sported sassy punk-glam looks and energized the show with bursts of synchronized choreography, was the first break for many of our favorite stars from the 90s, including Jennifer Lopez. The set was modeled after Roundhouse and the opening credits brimmed with images and a back-beat reminiscent of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air opening theme. Besides the obvious fashion throwbacks; from the oversized denim, crop tops, ripped denim shorts, bold colors and statement accessories,, the music and choreography has an undeniably innocent, “New Kids on the Block” feel, executed with effortless cool by Bruno and peppered with pizzaz by Cardi B. The branding of this chart-topping tune is indicative of how effective nostalgia can be in uniting us with a shared fondness for a time in pop culture we experienced together, thus affecting our desire to recreate it in our present lives. 

Nighttime scene of a man and woman standing with a group of people dressing in bright colorful 90's inspire clothes


The 90’s is a decade most look back upon with positivity and adoration, but why? Researchers from the Pew Center conclude the reasoning: the dawn of the internet. The web improved society; bringing us together in ways unlike any other decade. It was also a time of financial satisfaction for most. According to a study done by CNN Money in 2013, the median household income in the US has stayed about the same since 1995, though prices for expenses such as tuition, gasoline and housing have been inflating. Paired with cushier bank- accounts, pop culture was bustling with hits that still remain beloved comfort food.


Looking to hop on the 90’s inspired fashion ride? We’ve got you covered and you won’t be the only one on the passenger side. We are seeing more and more social-media and entertainment influencers sporting our Interplanetary Windbreakers; garnering thousands of likes, even from Kim Kardashian! 

Instagram screenshot of a simihaze post

Simi & Haze: the fashion forward sister DJ’s: pairing Surf Style with biker shorts last summer. Check out @simihaze

two women with a group of people wearing a purple Surf Style Windbreaker                                                             

At an audition for a street-dance team, Teyana Taylor (Skyler) sports Surf Style in the film Honey: Rise Up and Dance, Now on Netflix! @honeyrise1

Screenshot of instagram post of a woman sitting in front of a window wearing a purple Surf Style Windbreaker

@hellathrifty: The popular vintage fashion Instagram account.

Closing Time

In our current decade that is so focused on willing our futures to provide the happiness we dream of, we seek balance by filling the present with treasures from the past that make us feel at home in our fly-ness. 90’s Nostalgia has never looked more dope, and it’s clear you can’t go wrong when introducing our iconic piece into your wardrobe. Our Interplanetary Windbreakers are available in women’s,’ men’s and children’s sizes. Order your’s today!

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