Small Ways You Can Keep Our Beaches and Oceans Clean!

It is no secret that the way we treat our planet needs much improvement and people are looking for small ways in which they can reduce their carbon foot print and make earth a beautiful place to live for generations to come. Over the past few decades our oceans have suffered a great deal due to pollution, and most of all, littering and beach runoff.

Here at Surf Style, we believe in treating our beaches, and our planet, with the upmost respect. Here are a few ways you can make a difference:

  1. No more plastic
    Consider bringing your own reusable bags to carry any food, drink, or beach supplies you might be taking with you.
  2. Bring your own trash bags
    Bringing your own trash bag for clean-up can help produce less litter and promotes a more thorough gathering of your trash and belongings.
  3. If you see trash, pick it up
    When leaving the beach picking up any nearby trash you may be passing can help significantly reduce litter, and most of all it is easy on the conscience.
  4. Clean up after your pets
    it goes without saying that we love our furry friends and would like them to join us for some fun in the sun whenever possible, but when it comes to our pets “little gifts” it’s best to clean up after them as to not end up in the ocean.
  5. Don’t smoke
    When it comes to smoking, people will usually put their cigarettes out in the sand, sometimes even burying them. Like all trash, cigarette butts will end up in the water and can be harmful for marine life and even birds that will attempt to eat them on land. Make sure to include cigarette butts in your beach-day trash haul.
  6. Check out your local beach clean-up chapter
    All over the country people are volunteering and helping out in pursuit of keeping our beaches clean, and ultimately keeping our planet clean.
  7. Reusable water bottles
    One of the best ways to reduce beach waste is to ditch plastic any chance you get. It’s as simple as bringing your own reusable water bottle in replacement of store bought plastic water bottles.
  8. With kids? Make a game of it
    If there’s one thing we can all agree on is that kids can be messy. We do as much as possible to make sure our kids clean up after themselves at home; why not prioritize this at the beach as well? If worse comes to worse make a game of it! A little friendly competition never hurt anybody!
  9. Encourage others
    The beauty of these small lifestyle adjustments is that if one person can reduce the amount of litter ending up in our oceans with these quick solutions, imagine the outcome if a hundred people took part in this as well. So spread the word and let’s all do our part in keeping our beaches clean!