Smooch-A-Pooch At Hangout Music Festival

There is only one time a year where everyone brings their neon, glitter, and SPF 100 sunscreen, out of retirement: Festival season! And Hangout Music Fest (as usual) never misses a beat! Since 2016 Surf Style and Baldwin County Humane Society have been partnering together to bring festival goers an experience you can’t find anywhere else but Alabama’s own Hangout Music Festival. Smooch-A-Pooch, the puppy kissing booth!

Smooch-A-Pooch brings together a group of puppies that are available for adoption, outside the music festival of course. Festival patrons are allowed to come in, a few at a time, to hold and play with the puppies. Needless to say the turnout is nothing less than plentiful every year.

Two women holding puppies in a "smooch a pooch" kissing booth

Baldwin County Humane Society has been partnered with Surf Style since the start of smooch-a-pooch. Baldwin Humane Society, being a non-profit, “is completely funded by donations from the public and grant opportunities, it is very important for us to have a presence in the community” says Abby Pruet kennel director of the humane society. “Events like the Hangout Festival are the perfect opportunity to get out in the public and spread the word about our mission to help cats and dogs in Baldwin County. It also allows people to learn about adoption, foster and volunteer opportunities with our organization.”

She goes on to mention, “It’s a hugely popular event as well. It’s the favorite of many of our volunteers and local supporters.” Here at surf style it means a lot to give back to our community and to be able to support Baldwin County Humane Society in gaining access to such a high volume event. As Abby Pruet states perfectly, “The event is mostly about awareness. The Baldwin Humane Society has been serving the county since 1979 and it’s important for our continued success that we stay in the public consciousness.” 

To make a donation, an adoption, volunteer, or if you simply would just like to learn more about Baldwin County Humane Society and their cause, feel free to check out their website