Surf Style Celebrates 30 Years of Business With 2019 Lifestyle Campaign

Surf Style inc. began in 1989, as two Israeli men new to Miami, started selling windbreakers on Ocean drive out of the trunk of their car. Today, the company has grown to have more than 30 locations, spanning across three states. Today, 30 years later, in celebration of the company’s success, a lifestyle campaign and new product launch is to be released by spring break 2019.

The lifestyle photo shoot took place on February 17th. It was a stormy Sunday morning when I arrived at the Surf Style Ft Lauderdale Beach store. Located on Las Olas boulevard and A1A, the company’s newest store was an ideal location for a campaign of this caliber.

This brings us to the recent resurfacing of Surf Style’s retro windbreakers. The company’s signature item of the 90’s recently regained popularity due to celebrity sightings. This includes big names such as NBA player Russell Westbrook, and lead singer of The Strokes, Julian Casablancas. They’ve also been spotted alongside Major Lazer, as seen on their stage dancers.

As for the creative team behind this shoot, the photographer was Akram Soliman. He is a Miami-based photographer whose work has been featured in Sports Illustrated and Vogue Italia.

Surf Style has already released a few of the new photos on social media. The company is looking to up their marketing and media game in order to cater to an ever-changing culture, and to ensure the company’s bright future. There’s no denying that Surf Style is a prime example of a Miami success story.

Two women standing at the beach wearing black and white cropped Surf Style hoodies and shorts A large surf Style logo is across the chest of the hoodies and a palm sized surf style logo is on the bottom left side on the shorts.